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Hi! I'm Claire Poulton, and I'd love to be your web designer. Here's a bit about me, my experience with designing websites and about my web design Business, Tygerz Designs.

First of all, my primary income was derived from being a Restaurant Manager/Accountant for about 20 years. I really liked doing that kind of job. I also studied Nutrition and Health for those same 20 years and became quite involved with learning why people are experiencing chronic ill health and why this was NOT such a huge problem 50 years ago.

My interest in web design started approximately 6 years ago. I joined Kiosk Web Hosting and that started me off learning how to make web pages for my one and ONLY domain. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but I really wanted to learn to make those good-looking websites that I'd seen while surfing around the Internet.

I tried using those "Instant website Builders", but I was always very unhappy with the way the design looked. Sort of like, everyone has one that looks like this - TERRIBLE! So, I toured around and found several good HTML Tutorial sites and I was on my way. By hand-coding all my websites I got the look I wanted, not someone else's idea of a website.

When I got my FIRST website up, I found some weird funny design code called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and out the door went my Table Based web designs. I saved myself a ton of work (eventually - because the learning curve was about 3 months) and cut down the file size of my websites by over 75%. This meant that they loaded faster, and used up less bandwidth on my web hosting server. By using CSS and a PHP Templating system I could optimize each individual page with specialized keywords, which helped with Search Engine ranking.

When I felt I had enough experience and design savvy, I started looking for clients who would be interested in having Tygerz Designs create their website(s). Every web design is important. The client wants a good-looking, innovative design to help increase business, create a presence on the Web, and not have to go through the process of designing and maintaining their websites.

YOU choose the design you need, suggest your color scheme, and supply your content. I do the rest! Web Hosting is also something that every business needs. Not just ANY old web host, but one which owns their own "Data Center", their own servers, and provides fanatical customer support. That is MY Web Hosting Company.

Thanks for visiting Tygerz Designs, and I hope to be YOUR web designer.

To Your Health, Wealth, and Success
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