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Here Are Just A Few Of My Designs

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health4kids button graphic

Health4kids Website

This website contains information about health and nutrition for parents who want to give the "BEST" for their children in the modern world. This design consists of a one-column template with no borders on the content area and a CSS Navigation Menu and has multiple pages.

americandragon button graphic

American Dragon

American Dragon Martial Arts Academies hired me to re-design their website to increase enrollments make it more informative and user-friendly. This is also a one-column design with body background image, CSS Navigation Menu, CSS Photo Gallery and multiple pages.

mlmexposed button graphic

MLM Exposed Website

This is a Sales Page type of website with SWF Header graphic and an optimized opt-in form. This is an example of a two-column design and is an effective Lead Capture type of one page webpage.

nutrition2success button graphic

Nutrition2Success Website

Nutrition 2 Success is my personal site. There are over 50 pages on this site and consists of a one-column design and a CSS Drop-down Navigation Menu. The Secondary pages are a two-column design with optimized Vertical Navigation Menu.

world martial arts magazine button graphic

World Martial Arts Magazine Website

World Martial Arts Magazine is a complex website consisting of almost 40 pages. Each page is uniquely designed utilizing both one-column and two-column designs. There are custom graphics and CSS created "Pop-Up" enlarging graphics and Information boxes.

warrior marketing button graphic

Warrior Marketing Website

Warrior Marketing Web Page is a Sales Page for one of my clients to sell his Martial Arts Marketing E-Book. It's a one-column design with graphics and a PayPal button.

fosters logging button graphic

Foster's Logging Website

I created this website for my son's Logging Business. There is a CSS only Photo Gallery, a Video created with Web Video Pro. This is a two-column design with an Oprimized CSS Left Navigation Menu.

martial arts champion button graphic

Martial Arts Champion Website

American Dragon Online hired me to to create a Sales Page for their Martial Arts Champion E-Course. This one-column page also features a custom e-book cover of my design and other custom graphics.

richard hackworth button graphic

Richard Hackworth's Website

Originally RichardHackworth.com was created using "Microsoft Front Page". I created a NEW 20+ page website for Richard Hackworth, optimizing with good Keywords and a more professional look. His sales and page rankings shot up within a few days.

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