Tygerz Designs Rates and Prices

Below are Examples of our Affordable Rates

The rates below are minimum rates for our services. More detailed designs and services will require a special quote.

Service Rate
Tygerz Designs.com
One Page Sales Page Minimum charge $100
Five Page Mini-Site Minimum charge $500
More Than Five Pages Minimum Charge $75 per Page
Custom E-Book Ten Pages or Less Minimum Charge $100 - NO TOC
E-Book More Than Ten Pages Minimum + $20 per Page - Includes TOC
Graphics Minimum $50
Hourly Rates $50 per hour - Minimum 1 hour

How We Design Our Clients' Websites

At Tygerz Designs we keep up with ALL the latest technology for Web Design Standards. All Pages are Hand-Coded (X)HTML, Design Layouts CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Multiple Page Websites are Templated with PHP (Pre Hypertext Processing) Server-Side Scripting.

All the Graphics are created in Paint Shop Pro, which allows for "Layering" of Images. If the text, or colors need to be changed, it only requires editing the layered graphic, not starting from scratch.

I look forward to creating YOUR Optimized Website

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